Five Non-Profit WordPress Themes

These days it’s imperative for non-profit organizations to have a dynamic website for several reasons. Whether it’s to solicit donations, gain volunteers or raise awareness, the website needs to immediately grab visitor’s attention and explain who they are.

We heart WordPress over here. Not that it’s the only website platform, but it certainly can be a great vehicle for those looking to get online, quickly and cost effectively. Not to mention the fun and fancy widgets that come with it!

So, non-profits are no different, and in fact are a great type of website on WordPress.

Grabbing attention isn’t the only thing the website needs to do. Smashing Magazine outlines best practices for nonprofits include being user-, donor- and volunteer-friendly. It’s also important for non-profit organizations to integrate social media.

Socialbrite provides beautiful examples of themes for other types of non-profit organizations.

After reading, searching, and exploring the internet, we wanted to share a few of our favorite WordPress themes for non-profits:

1. Outreach Child Theme by StudioPress

2. Boast by Woo Themes

3. Live by Organized Themes

4. Non-Profit Theme by Organic Themes

5. Agency by Organized Themes

If you are interested in learning more about our services, we are happy to discuss custom WordPress design options for any website operator.

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